APC Celebrating 53 Years Today

APC is the Best Political Party in Sierra Leone.
Comrades of the APC let, on behalf the National Chairman and Leader of the party, His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, start by conveying hearty congratulations to all members, supporters and well-wishers of the APC as we celebrate another milestone in the existence of our noble and glorious party. The All Peoples Congress(APC) since its inception on September 11th 1960 by a band of comrades have significantly impacted the lives of the ordinary man woman in every nook and cranny of this country as much as it has survived the tests of time.
As we celebrate our birthday anniversary, and wish for ourselves the best, we graciously remember and pay tribute to the founding fathers such as: the late President Dr. Siaka Probyn Stevens, former first Vice President- the late Sorie Ibrahim Koroma, first second Vice President the late Christian Alusine Kamara-Taylor, Alhaji Shiek Gibrill Sesay, Sultan Kargbo, Alhaji Muctarr Kallay, Pa Kolleh Kamara, Pa Brima, Ibrahim T. Koroma, and S.W. Gandi Kapio. May the souls of those departed, rest in perfect peace. Respect also goes to another architect of APC, the near- centenarian Professor S.A.J. Pratt.

Remembering Japian Stevens

Umaru S. Jah-Berlin

Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come

Those were the lexis of one of William Shakespeare’s celebrated characters, Julius Caesar when Calpurnia was trying to warn him about the dangers that would besiege him should he go to the capitol. This apparently tells us that when the time comes for one to leave planet earth, neither power nor aptitude could stop that sad episode. An everlasting and inevitable end indeed! Continue reading

1961: Sierra Leone wins independence

Sierra Leone has become the latest West African state to win independence, after more than 150 years of British colonial rule.

The new nation was born at the stroke of midnight, when its green, white and blue flag was unfurled. A huge crowd, gathered at Brookfields Playground in Freetown to watch the historic moment, broke into tumultuous cheering.

Independence Day formally began as the Duke of Kent handed over royal instruments recognising Sierra Leone as an independent nation.

Sir Maurice Dorman, Governor since 1956, was then sworn in as Governor-General by Chief Justice Beoku Betts. Continue reading

Turning Sierra Leone Into A Republican State – First Published 19th April 2006 & Reproduced Today By Popular Demand

With kind permission from the CEO of Awareness Times

Since 1971 until the overthrow of the APC by the NPRC in April 1992, Sierra Leone under the APC had always celebrated April 19th as its National Holiday. April 19th 1971 was the date that the Siaka Stevens led Government got the assent from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to declare that Sierra Leone was now a Republic.

In this article, Awareness Times Newspaper is taking a look at the events leading to this declaration from the perspective of top insider of that Siaka Stevens APC regime. Read more on Awareness Times

What Life Has Taught Me

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