My Family

James Stevens-”Bra Jack”
Alex Hindolo Stevens(Deceased)
Francess Stevens-”Franco”(Mrs Tejan Jalloh)
Dr. Jengo Stevens-”Jengs”(Member of Paliament)
Mabel Stevens-”MA”(Mabel John)
Jongopie Stevens-”JP”
Nemahum Stevens-”NN”(Mrs White)
Christian Stevens-”Bra Chris”(Deceased)
Thelma Stevens
Kortu Stevens(Deceased)
Bockari Stevens
Ethna Stevens-”Epi”
Michael Stevens
The Stevens family also includes the children of the brothers and sister of Siaka Stevens. These include:

Bockari Stevens-”Bocki”
Josephine Stevens(Mrs Algali)
Adeline Stevens-”Aunty”(Mrs Cole)-Deceased
David Mac Boima
BT Kamara Taylor-”BT”
Victor Stevens-”Bra Vic”
Catherine Stevens

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